Google's AR Stickers now Available for Pixel Phones

Posted December 13, 2017

At the time, Google touted AR Stickers based on characters from the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things.

The AR stickers are in the form of virtual characters that can interact with each other, rather than being static ones that are just superimposed into your photos.

Google is promoting the AR features with an ad that shows how people can use the "The Last Jedi" stickers in their pictures and videos.

AR stickers

Google says the Pixel 2/XL have been factory-calibrated for AR, so you'll get the best experience with those phones.

The arrival of Android 8.1 Oreo brings an exciting new augmented reality feature Google calls AR Stickers -- movable animated figures that you can place in photos and videos. Many of you might remember that not so long ago, Google's idea for AR on smartphones was confined to a much narrower scope that involved the use multiple cameras and depth sensors to achieve the effect.

With more AR Sticker packs set to come in the future there are now even more reasons to purchase a Pixel 2 phone. Fast-forward to December, it's rolling out the new feature to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones, kicking it off with Star Wars and Stranger Things themes.

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Your Pixel must be running Android 8.1 Oreo.

To explore this, open up the camera app, switch to AR Stickers mode, choose a sticker pack, and drop them into the scene.

To get it working on your Pixel 2 all you need is to download/update the ARCore and AR Stickers apps from the Play Store and the setting will appear in the settings of your camera app.

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Google officially sells the Pixel 2 XL at Rs 73000 (64GB) and Rs 82000 (128GB).

Last but not least, AR Stickers and ARCore must be up-to-date. The Stranger Things will definitely be an exciting option for all Stranger Things fans as it has been one of the best TV phenomenon in the year 2017. This offer is applicable for both new and existing Airtel users. If you'd like to remove a sticker, tap on the one you'd like to remove, then tap the trash icon at the top right of your screen.

This app does not work on its own - it's part of the standard Google camera app. However, the apps require Android 8.1 Oreo. However, the autofocus will be disabled when using accessing Augmented Reality stickers which means the AR stickers.

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