Bigg Boss 11: What? Arshi Khan to get arrested during the show?

Posted December 18, 2017

Next, Salman played a game, called Bhavishya Vaani, with the contestants. Arshi said she would not agree to make Shilpa one of the contenders, while Shilpa said she would also not agree if the rest of the members chose Arshi's name.

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Salman and Mouni also play some fun task and Salman further declares that they shall be holding the eviction process which will be turned to be most wonderful and unique in the entire history of Bigg Boss 11. Vikas too gets upset when he finds out what Hina, Luv and Priyank said behind his back. Vikas further stated that it is Priyank's strategy to cling to the popular contestants of the show (Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Shilpa Shinde). While it is being said that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde are the two other tough contenders, Hina has now claimed herself as the victor of Bigg Boss 11.

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Next, Hina Khan was asked who does she think would cheat Vikas Gupta in future. Salman is seen clearly supporting Shilp, and he also asked Arshi how she should have behaved better in the house. Vikas asks as to who should be contending. His friendship with Benafsha came into the limelight once again as Vikas blamed Priyank for influencing Benafsha to speak on futile issues, which led to her eviction. She is surprised to see Vikas, Hina, Arshi taking the dig at her. Tears started rolling from her eyes when Shilpa sees that Priyank fat shame her with Arshi. Arshi, Shilpa and Luv raise their hands. They were shown clips of what the inmates had said about them. Salman will be seen asking Arshi, the former captain of the house, as to what went wrong with choosing the next captain of the house. When Bigg Boss asks Arshi if they have chosen new names, Arshi says that they couldn't decide the names. And he was also ready for Shilpa's captaincy as Shilpa never became a captain. Who's going to be evicted? . Interestingly, Shilpa Shinde who shared a good bond with Hiten voted in favour of Priyank. One of the participants Luv Tyagi becomes safe and he is also very happy to be saved.

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