SA passengers arrive home after being stuck at Atlanta airport

Posted December 19, 2017

While power's been restored at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, flight schedules are still not returned to normal yet. That was five and a half hours after firefighters had first arrived at the scene. However, due to the emergency, the company provided food to passengers. "I wish there would have been better communication". "They actually extended our return flight one day so we'll still be able to take advantage of the full vacation". The airport should at least describe the problem's impact, say that management is aware of the impact, and tell travelers some steps the airport is taking toward customer service, she said.

"A lot of these plans are exercised in advance".

"I didn't know what was happening", he said. "These protocols are established and practiced", said John Kinney, director of the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport in Colorado, who serves as the worldwide emergency management committee chairman for the American Association of Airport Executives.

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Begley says airport staff regularly review the contingency plan that's required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Some were on planes, but most were in the terminal.

Lawrence Oliver III and his friends said they were directed from terminal to terminal though a dark, smoky underground passageway Sunday. Some passengers told CBS North Carolina they waited in line for hours. But staffers were quickly swamped by a growing crowd of furious passengers. Flights were grounded shortly after the airport lost electricity at 1 p.m. ET.

Anthony Foxx, who served as US transportation secretary under President Barack Obama, was among the many travelers stuck for hours on a plane on the tarmac. Williams would receive a text message from her brother, but she couldn't get something back to him.

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"We went on this handsome cruise and I'm not going to let that experience wipe away that attractive cruise and the blue water", she said. "I've seen them do it".

"I had to wait in one line in an hour and a half just to get another flight and then had to wait in another line for two hours to get my boarding pass and then finally got to sleep on the floor", said Robin Bierworth.

No matter how very bad your social media feed makes this world out to be right now - and yes, there are real problems that deserve your ire - remember that when people are confronted with adversity shoulder to shoulder with each other, they often do the right thing.

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Some passengers complained about a lack of information from airport officials and little help from first responders to get the disabled and the elderly through the airport without the use of escalators and elevators.