Cause of death is sought for remains found buried in yard

Posted December 22, 2017

On Dec. 18, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police arrested 34-year-old Larissa Rodriguez after they uncovered an unidentified body buried within her backyard in Cleveland, Ohio. The documents says that the mother was arrested in connection "with the death of a child who is believed to be the sibling of these children".

Reporter Homa Bash wrote on Twitter that the body found bore signs of abuse, including broken ribs.

Officials from the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services removed four children from Rodriguez's dirty and cockroach-infested home on Monday and placed them in emergency foster care.

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Authorities have now confirmed that the human remains they found in the Cleveland home's backyard are consistent with those of a small child. Authorities say an additional charge of felonious assault will presented to the grand jury. Two weeks later, Rodriguez told them she found Jordan "half dead" in a closet and that she was sending him away to visit an aunt in Texas.

Jordan's disappearance went unknown until Monday, when the brother of Larissa Rodriguez's boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, called Cleveland police from Pakistan, police said.

When detectives questioned Larissa Rodriguez, she claimed Jordan was in Texas visiting his biological father. According to the police report, she referred to Jordan's father as a "donor" who she met on Facebook.

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Five of Rodriguez's nine children lived with her in the home. She also said her son was developmentally disabled and was unable to speak, it said. A man had called to say that his brother, Christopher Rodriguez, confessed to burying the child with Larissa, his girlfriend. Jordan was reportedly a special needs child and was speech-impaired.

It was also reported that Rodriguez lost custody of her two oldest children many years ago, but Madigan would not reveal why.

She said she knew the woman had a lot of kids but said, "She takes care of them". Christopher was already being held at the Medina County Jail, serving a six-month sentence for failing to pay child support.

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Children and Family Services had intervened with Larissa's custody of children as early as 1998, according to court records.