Teacher gets bottle of wine from parents with student's face on label

Posted December 23, 2017

This year, they thought the educators deserved something a little more intoxicating, so they bought each teacher a bottle of wine.

DJ's parents got the teacher bottles of wine, but the labels on the bottles were replaced with a photo of the student. Inscribed on the label is the witty message "our child might be the reason you drink".

The wine bottles went viral after a photo was tweeted by Daniel Joseph "DJ" Sommers, a sophomore at Ohio State University and Jake's oldest sibling.

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"How many coffee mugs does a teacher need", she told WHIO-TV.

Happy holidays, indeed! Mary, the mother behind the madness, told BuzzFeed News that Jake is their youngest child and it's his a year ago at the Catholic school all three of her kids have attended. Other fans praised the bottle labels, while also relating to the OH couple's hilarious thoughts on parenthood.

She said the teachers appreciated the gift. He says, Jake is not a bad kid, but he is the class clown. "(Jake) always has something to say.

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Besides being a fun joke, DJ said the wine was also meant as a gift for the teacher who has served his family. "They all thought it was really amusing", D.J. said.

"I guess my teachers deserve it (the wine)", he said.

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