Italian Clothing Company Allowed To Use Steve Jobs Name

Posted December 30, 2017

Share this article: Steve Jobs. The company especially took issue with the logo that's being used with the Steve Jobs trademark, but the courts sided with the Italian clothing brand. Italian brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have won a prolonged battle against Apple in an Italian court, which enables them to call their company "Steve Jobs".

Apple is known for being in court a lot. They put the name on their clothing line and quickly found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit with Apple.

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Apple had sought to challenge the company by claiming its logo infringed on its own trademark, but despite the "leaf" and the indentation on the Italian company's logo, the fact that it was a letter rather than a fruit, meant it was not deemed to breach Apple's.

According to Italian reports, the pair were surprised that Apple had not trademarked the name of Apple's founder, who died in 2011, and registered the name in Europe. It said the brothers should be free to carry on using their trademark. According to Business Insider Italia, Apple focused on the logo and because the J isn't a fruit, the brothers told the outlet, the chunk can not be a bite, as in the Apple logo. Very similar to what the Apple logo looks like.

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The pair say they are now determined to continue working on products under the Steve Jobs brand, with plans to launch bags, t-shirts, jeans and other fashion accessories. Though they refused to reveal what sort of electronic items we can expect from them in the near future, a smartphone bearing the Steve Jobs logo will no doubt be mighty interesting, it must be said.

It also isn't just the name but the Steve Jobs logo too that has quite some similarity with that of Apple.

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