Instagram to show 'Recommended for You' posts in Feed

Posted December 31, 2017

Instagram has been updating its app to add new features or to spiff up old ones. Instagram will show three to five suggested posts in the new section.

Instagram is now rolling out a new "Recommended Posts" feature widely to its users. It has been made explicit that this section will be different from that of the typical main feed, by doing this, it gives users the visual option of disregarding these posts.

Instagram wants users to follow more accounts.

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To hide the recommended post, tap the three-dot icon (horizontal dots on iOS, vertical dots on Android) above the recommended post tap Hide. The photo-sharing platform has offered recommended content in the past. But the new change will bring this new feature to your feed.

The latest feature is considered a major change since the platform abandoned chronological feed in favour of Facebook-like algorithm-based one or introduced advertisements.

Instagram's other recent changes include the ability to follow hashtags. You can make unique hashtags while conducting these contests and events and those hashtags will keep all the contributions in one place. The recommended content is, however, not optional and there is no way you can disable it. Instragram says users can temporarily hide "Recommended for You" posts, with the implication being that they will reappear in their home feed automatically after a short period of time.

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It's very hard though to see why this could be a problem for anyone.

We're not seeing these in our Instagram feed yet, but we expect them to appear soon. The hashtag follow feature is optional and is dependent on the user clicking the hashtag, however, the "Recommended for You" is not optional and will appear in your feed whether you like it or not.

You know the way Instagram is mostly about likes and less about the comments etc?

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