Week 17 Preview: Eagles vs Cowboys

Posted January 01, 2018

As a result, quarterback Nick Foles has had to step up in his absence. Foles was excellent in his first start after Carson Wentz went down for the season, tossing four TD passes in a 34-29 win at the Giants on December 17. Thankfully, everything looks good heading into their playoff bye week. They are still trying to find their footing with a new quarterback. This is a ideal week for them to get some extra rest an avoid a pointless injury before heading into the playoffs.

"Everything we are doing we want to leave as good a taste in our mouths as we can against this Philadelphia team, one that should be quite a contender in the playoffs", Jones said.

"The idea is to keep the starters going", said the Eagles coach when he met with reporters on Friday morning. That's all they needed.

Sudfeld came in with 14:00 left in the half with the rest of the Eagles back-ups in a game that moved at an interminable pace.

With that, the Cowboys were then able to run 5:23 off the clock, Bailey getting one more try at a field goal with 16 seconds left.

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Unless the Eagles have been holding back offensively these last two weeks, it's a team that will have problems moving the ball against a decent NFC defense, which they will surely face in the playoffs. Now it's time to take advantage of it.

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Where do you even start? With the No. 1 seed in the playoffs locked up, Foles and numerous offensive starters were pulled after one quarter of play to avoid injury. He just underthrew the pass terribly.

Sunday's game was the first scoreless game through three quarters in the National Football League since December 2007.

Almost everything about this football game was bad, and no poetic waxing about defense will erase how bad it was as a whole. For the first time EVER in this matchup, the game was knotted at 0-0 at halftime.

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Frankly, it's pretty remarkable that the Eagles played in one of the worst recent football games I can remember against Oakland, and then outdid themselves less than a week later. After hopefully a few good drives, Foles and the Eagles first-team offense will take a back seat and the backups will get reps so they will be good to go if called upon in the postseason.

The pass didn't come Jones' way but it was the first defensive snap in a long time for the rookie, who found out on Saturday that he'd be making his pro debut.

"He played well", safety Malcolm Jenkins said after the game. The receiver also pulled in a big 30-yard catch during the possession, finishing with a game-high 50 receiving yards. "I've still got a lot of confidence in [Foles]", Pederson said.

Foles said he remains confident. He doesn't have cement feet in the pocket and can create plays with his legs, and while you don't want to rely too heavily on that for several reasons, it's a nice fallback option. Not the fans, certainly not the players, nor the coaches. The mystery box isn't always better than the boat, but when your boat has a hole in it and a captain who panics at the sight of water, there are crazier options than going with the unknown option.

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