LG Preps an 88-Inch, 8K OLED TV for CES 2018

Posted January 02, 2018

Now, you definitely shouldn't feel upset if you just got yourself a new 4K TV during the holiday season, because it'll be quite some time before 8K TVs hit the market.

Samsung used to be a contender in this arena, as well, but the South Korean giant has since shifted its focus on QLED display. Consumer electronics manufacturer LG Display has always been working towards pushing its OLED technology to 8K, with the main objective of going a step further.

LG's previous flagship TV was a 77-inch 4K unit, so this 88-inch 8K is absolutely massive (in both size and resolution) compared to the 77-inch 4K OLED.

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According to a report published by Engadget, the Korean manufacturer is speculated to launch their upcoming 88-inch 8K OLED display soon enough. The firm said that it used OLED for its new display because it does not involve additional cost to make.

Furthermore, the price of LG 8K OLED TV, though not officially announced, will sure not come cheap.

LG Display's flexible OLED lighting brand Luflex will first be used in cars and commercial spaces.

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This new OLED display from LG has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels which takes the cumulative pixel count to almost 33 million pixels. The 32-inch 4K monitor will be the first from LG to offer the company's advanced Nano IPS technology, which relies on "nanometer-sized particles to the screen's LED to absorb excess light wavelengths" and thus improve the visual experience on the display.

The image quality of the jewellery displayed on the demo LG OLED TV model is the crispiest and clearest it can get on a big screen.

While Samsung is following a different path, LG still sees competition from countries like Japan, and the company's display arm has made investments in billions of dollars to increase production and take OLED displays mainstream. The recent development in this scenario is the construction of a manufacturing plant in China's Guangzhou city.

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