Monster Hunter World Is Getting Another Beta Before Launch

Posted January 06, 2018

The new trailer shows off a few of these beasts that you'll encounter in your journeys, along with the Elder Dragons Teostra, Dodogama, and Kushala Daora. Strap yourselves, because this one is rather long and epic. It will feature a brand new mission where you'll face Nerigigante, a formidable beastie that won't go down easily. Some terrifying dragons to take on alone or with your buddies.

Monster Hunter World Is Getting Another Beta Before Launch

The company also released a press statement offering more details on these monsters that you will be hunting. And with the Beta just around the corner and the release at the end of the month Capcom has chose to tease us with a new trailer and some DLC details.

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Release date Monster Hunter: World for PC gamers upset.

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Monster Hunter: World launches on the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with the PC version coming a bit later on. But it will also include the IPs new signature behemoth, Nergigante.

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Surprising no-one, Capcom have confirmed that Monster Hunter: World will be supported with post-launch content updates, many of which will be free. We will start seeing this in Spring 2018. One mysterious monster was also seen exiting the carcasses of others, but not much is known about this one just yet. Venture on quests alone or with up to three hunters in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the west, uniting the player base for the first time ever. Not a bad deal, but what are your thoughts?