Amazon Alexa to launch on Windows 10 PCs this year

Posted January 09, 2018

The latest big development is an announcement that Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo are all planning on adding Alexa to some of their Windows 10 laptops and desktops.

Amazon has also announced the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit which will enable OEMs to add Alexa to devices such as hearables, headphones, smart watches and fitness devices without having to start from scratch with coding for Alexa integration. "It now will offer a custom LED to indicate Alexa is listening", the company explained in a press release.

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These devices will reportedly use a new Alexa Windows 10 app that's being developed and will be released later this year. The integrations, announced at CES in Las Vegas, will allow PC users to interact with Alexa in much the same way as they do on Amazon Echo speakers and third-party devices - to control the lights, get flash briefings, or anything else Alexa normally does. On the other hand, it also wants Cortana to be in your auto, and on your smart speaker, and to run on your Android phone and iPhone (but mostly the former). and Windows PC. The Alexa integration will be delivered via a Windows that always listen to the "Alexa" voice command, and the app will also support keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft could also stand to do more with the Cortana Skills platform, which now sports 250-300 skills, when Alexa has 250, 000 at its disposal. You can use your Android phone and Google Assistant if you want, but Cortana will be passing data from your phone to your PC, both notifications, images and more so you can be productive.

Microsoft would be better served to see Cortana as a connective tissue, as a framework for people who want to get serious work done, and for business users. Like the Echo Show, Alexa's responses will be displayed on the screen.

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The Pavilion Wave 600-a010t is meant to appeal to audiophiles, but it also includes some features that could make it useful for video calls and productivity. Some of the new devices will use Intel's Smart Sound Technology, an integrated audio DSP, for improved audio, voice, and speech interactions with Alexa. Notebooks with Acer Purified.Voice and four digital microphones, like the Switch 7 Black Edition and Spin 5, will support Alexa from up to 9 feet away. Several of the most prominent Windows laptop manufacturers have already said they'll preinstall the app. Details on ASUS's Alexa integration weren't immediately available.

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