Ever wonder how alligators survive during icy weather?

Posted January 10, 2018

The Shallotte River Park Swamp posted a series of videos to YouTube recently to show how the reptiles survive is such cold temperatures.

The cold snap may be over in North Carolina but have you ever wondered how alligators breathe when ponds and lakes are frozen over. Officials with the park say when the water or air temperature is too low for them to be active, they go into a state of brumation, similar to hibernation.

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As families across the country do everything they can to keep loved ones and their pets warm during the harsh winter weather, a group of alligators in Brunswick County is using a unique technique to survive the frozen outdoors. Alive or not, seeing a motionless alligator's snout popping out of a frozen over pond looks more like a scene out of a B-grade horror film than a natural occurrence.

The 65-acre park and sanctuary has a dozen alligators, all of them "rescues" that were previously kept in captivity.

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"Just shows you how smart they are, and how wonderful it is to see them do this exact survival technique, no matter how horrific it looks to us humans", park owner Linda McMullan wrote on Facebook. This includes two alligators that were used as "guard animals" by N.C. drug dealers.

Now you know. See ya later, alligator! At least not while the water is still frozen around them. Experts said they believed the alligators may have been pets released by their former owners.

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