Overwatch League Sees Huge Day One Viewership

Posted January 15, 2018

While your first skin is free if you sign into the game by February 13th, any following skins will cost 100 League Tokens.

This much was revealed in an Overwatch forum post, as Kaplan replied to a user who had been wondering exactly when they should expect the game's new Blizzard World map and its skins to go live.

In the first day of the Overwatch League where the Seoul Dynasty took on the Dallas Fuel, over 400,000 people tuned in to watch! Goldhaber agreed with a fan that Overwatch League becoming one of the top four esports leagues in its first year "should be considered" a success. This means that when games are going on, instead of opening a separate app or firing up your PC / mobile device, you can just select the "Overwatch League" option from the main menu. However, this was just the first day of the Overwatch League.

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Overwatch League skins can be found, unsurprisingly, in the Overwatch League tab in-game.

The Overwatch League regular season is split up into four stages, with each stage lasting five weeks.

The new Overwatch league skins are a way for fans to show their support for their favourite teams.

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The Overwatch League will receive at least $90M over two years from Twitch in exchange for streaming rights, according to sources.

How Will The Overwatch League Work? The Pacific Division features teams like the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Seoul Dynasty, while the Atlantic side covers a similarly wide range of geography, including the Houston Outlaws and the London Spitfire.

Another important function of the Blizzard Arena, Kaplan said, is the ability to have complete control over the broadcast experience of its games. OVERWATCH, OVERWATCH LEAGUE, BLIZZARD and BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT are trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. If a player is doing particularly well, or the commentary is focusing on them, the camera sticks on them until a major play takes place. Not only is the Overwatch League shaping up to be a compelling viewing experience for fans of the FPS, but it seems destined to attract a slew of newcomers to the game, too.

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