Instagram has a new feature: "Show Activity Status"

Posted January 21, 2018

This feature shows up in the DM section of the app, so you can only see when someone you've previously messaged was online.

Instagram has a new feature that tells your friends and followers when you were last checking the app. In the settings menu, they can then toggle off the "Show Activity Status" option.

On Thursday, Instagram rolled out a new default feature that allows people you follow or have direct messaged to see when you last used the service. It shows how long has elapsed since the user last opened the app or accessed the Instagram messaging screen. It does not therefore, enable all of your followers to see your status.

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It's worth noting that if you turn off the status feature, it will stop people from seeing your status - but will also block you from seeing the statuses of other users.

There's a new "Show Activity Status" feature that has everyone a little creeped out on Instagram. Instagram has now started to roll out the feature official for both iOS and Android users. Unlike current Instagram Stories, which is based on the images and video, the new feature facilitates text-only, written Stories on the platform.

Just like WhatsApp and Facebook.

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A number of people have been wondering on how to turn the Last Active feature off.

As for Instagram, the closest thing back then to what Facebook started was the "Following" page where you could see what your friends liked.

Twitter user @emilysarpietro slammed the new feature, saying "nothing's private any more" and promising she would be "definitely coming off social media soon".

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The app was last updated on January 16, but the recent feature showed up on Thursday.