CDC spokesperson calls flu season 'unprecedented'

Posted January 23, 2018

The state Department of Public Health reported last week that more than 300 Georgians have been hospitalized by the flu so far this season.

Although flu patients haven't filled hospitals to capacity yet, hospitals are reporting a strain on resources, Haupt said.

The report also shows that in weeks 50, 2017 to week 2 of 2018, statistically significant excess mortality from all causes is now being observed in over 65s in England. I suggest this only because anti-vaxxers are still continuing to promote this remarkable myth; 80% of people who have come down with the flu this year did not get vaccinated. Our research also reveals that most of the nation is now experiencing widespread and intense flu activity.

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During the second week of January, more people sought care for flulike illnesses than at any comparable period in almost a decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention weekly report shows.

The latest figures show that nearly 4,500 primary pupils have received the vaccination so far compared with 2,500 previous year. Researchers found that the air in the general vicinity of patients who had the flu virus was contaminated.

"I am directing the Department of Health to work with local providers to help protect our communities from this flu outbreak, and I urge all New Yorkers to visit local health centers and get vaccinated as soon as possible". Most dogs contract a mild form of the virus and only require supportive care to recover. Scientists have noted that the new vaccine has been highly effective in animals they used it on during standardized testing trials. Most cases of H3N2v infection have occurred in children who have little immunity against this virus.

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This flu season has been particularly widespread across the country after getting an early start in September due to the presence of a powerful strain called influenza H3N2. They ultimately want to find a strain of the virus that can breed quickly but also one that allows people's bodies to respond to the virus and create an immune response that will keep it in check and prevent harm.

Doctors and pharmacies all over the Bay area are still offering flu shots. This year's vaccines - the CDC recommends the injection instead of the nasal spray - are around 30 percent effective this year. "That is respiratory. It can have some nausea and vomiting associated with it, but for the most part, it's worse than a cold, but it's going to be sudden fever with respiratory symptoms like coughing and a sore throat".

"It's more through air droplets or spittle, so it comes through coughing and sneezing", said Byrne. The bad news is that we might not have even reached the peak season yet, which means that if you haven't gotten the flu yet, you can still protect yourself. Of course, you already wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer, but you should be extra vigilant this year.

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