Turkey's Erdogan vows to press offensive on US-backed Kurds in Syria

Posted January 23, 2018

The United States has recently been working with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to create a border security force with inaugural training classes already said to have started.

Some days later, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied this statement completely.

Mattis began arming the YPG in May, 2017, as the USA wanted a local ally to take the primary lead in fighting in close-quarters combat against ISIS. This list included vanquishing al-Qaeda, ousting Iran, and securing a peace settlement that excludes Assad from power. Currently, 2,000 American troops are in the Kurdish-controlled corner of northeastern Syria. We know that many countries, including the United States, say that the fight against Daesh would be impossible without the help of YPG militants, but it is rather a pretext to hide other intentions.

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"Continued strategic threats to the US other than ISIS persist". The American administration said it wanted to avoid what previous President Barack Obama committed of grave mistakes when he took a decision to pull out the U.S. troops from Iraq, leaving a vacuum that was filled by terrorists and Iran.

The YPG's Afrin spokesman, Birusk Hasaka, said there were clashes between Kurdish and Turkish-backed forces on the third day of the operation, and that Turkish shelling had hit civilian areas in Afrin's north-east.

He added, "These types of actions must not be taken advantage of by the enemies of Syria; in particular, America and its allies [should] not take advantage of this situation". And it really does highlight the dangers of the Anglo-American strategy in Syria for the last seven years, which has been to basically turn Syria into a complete free-for-all: all the states in the region to sponsor their own proxy militias and get involved and carry out airstrikes - Israel, Turkey, the U.S., anyone else. This operation's most important goals are to stop two terrorist organizations that carry out terrorist attacks against Turkey by using their safe havens in Afrin. Nor did Tillerson address how a continued modest troop presence could have done what an earlier us military presence in Iraq of 160,000 troops could not do.

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Turkey says its troops have seized territory from the Kurdish militia.

Nicholas Heras, a senior fellow at the Center for New American Security, indicated that Tillerson is bringing two new strategic elements to the USA role in Syria. The administration has in effect made a decision to immerse the United States in yet another foreign war.

The U.S. military expedition in Syria is now, according to Tillerson's own words, aiming at three things other than IS or terrorism.

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On Sunday, investigations were launched by chief public prosecutor's offices in Ankara, Van, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Mus, and Istanbul against some social media users who allegedly voiced support for the PYD/PKK terror group.