Switch Sees Positive Growth at GDC 2018

Posted January 26, 2018

While only 5 per cent of the survey's 4,000 respondents - composed primarily of game industry professionals based in North America and Europe - said that their most recently completed game launched on the Japanese game giant's latest platform, 12 per cent reported that they are now working on a Switch game, 15 per cent said that the game they plan to tackle next will be released on Switch, and more than a third of respondents said that they were interested in designing for Switch. Some of the results from the survey aren't too surprising-console and PC development are up while mobile and VR are down-but a clear victor for game developers going into the 2018 appears to be the Nintendo Switch.

The majority of respondents to the question "have Switch game sales compared to the average across all the platforms you've launched on" answered sales have been average or greater than average, with only 16% saying sales were less than average.

Furthermore, 23 percent of developers say that their games sell as well (23 percent) or in some cases better (28 percent) on the Switch than on other consoles.

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The GDC State of the Industry 2018 results come from responses of almost 4000 different game developers, asking them what platform are they now working on a project for, what will they choose in the future and so on.

Virtual reality, meanwhile, appears as though it may be in the initial stage of a popularity downturn. Only PC (59 per cent) and the PS4 (39 per cent) interest developers more. Despite recent controversies in games like Star Wars Battlefront II, one in 10 developers show support for loot boxes.

That's up from 3% in 2017 and there were even more positive results noted from among developers looking to the future.

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Finally, other highlights of the GDC 2018 survey were virtual and augmented reality, where there was a decrease in the interest of developers over a year ago and the controversial loot boxes, where 11% of developers said they will integrate that monetization model in their games.

11% of the developers responded that their next title will include "paid item crates". That number holds steady at seven per cent when asked whether their next game would launch for AR.

Switch is proving to be incredibly popular with developers, as you'll know if you keenly track each week's eShop download update.

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