Fitness model kicked off plane headed to New York City

Posted January 30, 2018

She told the paper she would "never ever fly American Airlines again".

In a second video an airport security officer can be heard telling Selter: "American Airlines calls the shots".

The flight attendant asked her if she wanted to be removed from the aircraft, and the model sarcastically snapped, "Yes!" - so the attendant called the pilot, the site said. She said in the interview that she was approached by five officers after standing up to stretch and open her overhead bin.

Jen Selter, who lives in NY and was on her way home from Miami International Airport, took to social media to post videos including one that shows a Miami-Dade police officer telling her that she has to get off the plane.

'People kept coming up to me.

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That's when the flight attendant asked her if she wished to get off the plane, and Selter responded "yes".

"All of a sudden five cops came up", she said.

24-year-old Selter tweeted videos of herself getting kicked off the American Airlines flight at Miami International Airport over the weekend.

Selter's agent, Todd Frank, told ABC News of the incident on the delayed flight, "It's something a lot people can relate to".

While another passenger went to the restroom, the Instagram model stood up, later claiming she had been trying to put her jacket up. She was later filmed explaining her decision, in a video posted online.

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Another clip shows the woman and her sister exiting the plane.

Sarcasm generally doesn't when flying, as Instagram star Jen Selter discovered to her detriment on Saturday.

"I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane", wrote the fitness fanatic alongside a video on social media.

Another passenger can be heard speaking in Selter's defense, accusing the flight crew of "harassing her". "They don't want you to fly on their plane today". "She was just standing after two hours, we were waiting in the airplane", the woman said in the video.

GMA reports that American Airlines offered Selter complimentary hotel accommodation for the night, but she declined.

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Selter told the New York Post, "They made me feel like a awful person, and I did nothing wrong".