Alexa SMS support lets users send text messages via voice

Posted January 31, 2018

There is one big caveat, however - the feature now works only for sending SMS messages to Android phones.

Amazon is expanding Alexa's ability to send messages by allowing it to send SMS text messages to any phone, instead of just messaging other people through the Alexa app, via TechCrunch.

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Alexa is now able to send SMS messages to contacts in your smartphone, according to VentureBeat. Alexa already has its own messaging system, however in order to work both the parties need to have an Alexa setup. Alexa app users can open the app's Conversations Tab, choose Contacts, and then My Profile to toggle the Send SMS ability on, as well. If so, you've got a new feature to try out.

In order to use the SMS feature, one needs to follow the instructions which appear on a pop-up in the Alexa app.

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The feature, however, comes with a bit downside, it is compatible only with Android devices. As of publication time, the company hasn't provided details about when worldwide users might be able to send SMS messages or if Alexa will be able to read incoming messages. Amazon claims it can not add the SMS feature to Apple devices since the latter doesn't offer messaging API to third-parties. You can make phone calls to other Echo devices in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Enabling Alexa SMS messaging is really easy. That's great if you're frequently in contact with someone who owns an Echo or doesn't mind Amazon's ecosystem, but not so great for sending SMS messages in general. Estimates peg the Amazon's United States market share of smart speakers anywhere between 70% and 76%.

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