Launch delayed to 2019

Posted January 31, 2018

EA states that part of the reason for the shift in dates is that their plans to release a new Battlefield in Anthem's previous release window would be counterproductive. Now, EA has confirmed this delay - though they don't want you to call it that. Opening today's earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson said (PDF) "Excitement for Anthem is building, and we're deeply invested in delivering a great new experience with this game when it launches in Q4 FY19". Titanfall 2, released in 2016, is an outstanding FPS but faltered badly at launch despite being multiplatform (the original wasn't released for PlayStation) and getting a big push from EA-a failure widely attributed to the inexplicable decision to cram it between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. "People are trying to create a story", he added despite the company themselves announcing it as a 2018 release.

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In the meantime, EA says a new Battlefield title will be released in October 2018. By any standard, that is a delay, even if fall 2018 to early 2019 is not a significant one.

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That's right, EA has confirmed that Anthem will not be released until 2019. He's seemingly playing the semantics game, as Kotaku's sources had indicated that the project is behind schedule. If that's true then the game really is in messy situation that may require more than four additional months of development time.

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Just knowing that Sarkeesian visited BioWare during the principal development cycle of Anthem led a lot of gamers to believe that she was there to inject more third-wave feminism into the ears of the writers and developers to influence the game in a negative way.