Here's the tracklist for Marvel's 'Black Panther: The Album'

Posted February 03, 2018

Black Panther lands in theaters February 16.

Octavia Spencer is making sure the people of MS are able to see Marvel's latest feature "Black Panther".

The whole idea of deliberately encouraging people to give negative reviews on a movie, especially for a movie like Black Panther, is really disappointing.

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The Academy Award-winning actress announced on Instagram that she plans to buy out a movie theater in MS to screen the film for the local community.

In "Black Panther", Boseman stars alongside other big names such as Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Sterling K. Brown.

Slash Film's Peter Sciretta said: "Black Panther looks, feels and sounds unlike any Marvel film to date".

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Marvel superhero film, Black Panther, has already caused a ripple despite only premiering this week - its advance ticket sales has exceeded all previous superhero films and beat Captain America: Civil War.

And Business Insider reporter, Jason Guerrasio, described the film "as the most spiritual Marvel movie yet!" I am so grateful that our young people will see this film and their minds will be transformed.

Roxane is probably right in that the movie isn't a direct adaptation of her work.

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Spencer made a similar move a year ago, when she bought out a screening of "Hidden Figures" in a Los Angeles movie theater as her Oscar-nominated film reigned at the box office. However, Black Panther is rivalling these calls in, at least, a cultural manner and can be placed in a similar boat the "Wonder Woman" that aired past year.