Nintendo to launch paid subscription for Nintendo Switch online services in September

Posted February 03, 2018

Nintendo did not reveal any additional information about the service - besides the fact it is seemingly named Nintendo Switch Online - but we're taking that to mean that they haven't introduced any significant policy changes since the last time that they revealed their plans for the service. Although Switch players have had no problem going online and engaging with other players worldwide, the console's online infrastructure is still missing key features, especially its monthly subscription plan thanks to a delay. Given the millions of people with the console, it just seems right to release an online service. The service is expected to be the company's answer to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, offering online multiplayer for a small fee.

Nintendo Switch Online, the long-touted paid online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch, will launch in September 2018.

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Revenue was also boosted by the sale of more than 47 million games for the console, as well as consistent sales for its 3DS handheld console. The standout among them was "Super Mario Odyssey" with over 9 million copies sold worldwide within a mere 2 months. This uncertainty is due to the pricing disparity between different packages for the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Players will be able to purchase membership per month, per three months or per twelve months.

And the Switch train isn't about to stop anytime soon with Nintendo set to launch the Labo line of cardboard accessories for the Switch. Let us know in the comments. Paying members will get to download a compilation of classic titles with online play like Super Mario Bros. Classic games that do not have online features would now be given these features if they were to be on the list of free games for the Switch Online.

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Nintendo Switch Online will bring a whole new dimension to the massively popular hybrid console, which may further boost sales.

Kyoto-based Nintendo, which makes Super Mario and Pokemon games, said its sales in the first nine months of 2017 more than doubled from a year earlier to 857 billion yen ($7.9 billion).

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