Black Panther: The best-reviewed Marvel movie ever made

Posted February 07, 2018

- Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Clinton McDonald is hosting a free screening for Central Arkansas children of the Marvel movie "Black Panther". I've never seen an African superhero movie ever, I mean in the ilk of James Bond as well, in that kind of lane, so it's exciting to see what happens next. The film might, arguably, be the most universally accepted movie among the Black community that, exhausted of white savior flicks, slave narratives, and stereotypical depictions, feels we're finally getting the representation we've been craving on the big screen.

Boseman makes a singularly majestic hero and there's fine work elsewhere in the cast: Nyong'o's wilfulness and Wright's youthful mischief are welcome notes, while Andy Serkis attacks the role of maniacal brute Ulysses Klaue with lip-smacking aplomb.

McDonald's organization MACCLID (McDonald & Associates Collective Collaboration-Light into Darkness) will host the screening February 15 at Regal McCain Mall.

It is remarkable how Coogler (who also wrote the script with Joe Robert Cole) has been able to give all these many characters, and others, their own story arc and weave them all together in masterful fashion.

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MACCLID is a partner of the Victory Over Violence campaign. We follow the craft as it makes its way through the holographic barrier that conceals Wakanda from the outside world, and you can see the thrusters that propel it - and in the energy bloom, you can make out African symbols, shifting, pulsing, morphing.

T'Challa also has a new rival in the mysterious Erik Killmonger (a terrific Michael B. Jordan), whose familial connection, desire for revenge, strong technical skills and knowledge of Wakanda has him coming in to try to become king himself.

The group claimed upon last December's release of Disney's latest "Star Wars" movie to have triggered a wave of intensely negative "Last Jedi " audience reviews on the aggregate Rotten Tomatoes website using bots. The family is unique to Black Panther.

Students at an Atlanta area middle school erupted into dancing after finding out the whole school would be going to see one of the most anticipated Marvel films of 2018.

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Around 30 black characters have donned the lycra for the big screen since the early 1990s, including Marvel's Falcon (Anthony Mackie since 2014), Wesley Snipes's titular vampire hunter in Blade (1998) and Halle Berry's Kenyan princess Storm in four X-men movies.

Fragile allegiances fracture and CIA-trained operative Erik "Killmonger" Stevens (Jordan) chooses this moment to stage a bloody coup.

Chadwick Boseman in "Black Panther". "I sat with that, and I had to process", Coogler says. Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira), the head of the Dora Milaje - T'Challa's all-female kickass bodyguard team - are notably defined. Everything Killmonger does nearly make you want to sympathize with that he is trying to achieve.

Aiding and abetting this risky ploy is Erik Killmonger (a beyond-charismatic Michael B. Jordan of Creed), an ex-US military agent who knows more than he is letting on about the mystical Wakandan way of life.

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