John Horgan won't retaliate in pipeline feud with Alberta

Posted February 08, 2018

She adds Justin Trudeau needs to step in and assert his authority.

"I take that very seriously, and I will be resolute in protecting the interests of this great province".

Anti-pipeline activist Torrance Coste, the Vancouver Island campaigner for the Wilderness Committee, tweeted Tuesday that Alberta's boycott was a "petty shot" and shared a photograph of two stemless glasses of B.C. VQA red.

The NDP minister of agriculture, Lana Popham, briefly indicated a possible response Tuesday when reporters caught up with her during a previously scheduled tour of Okanagan wineries.

Don't get me wrong; BC does need to be taught a lesson and I absolutely think boycotts and buycotts are effective.

"They should take it through the courts, which would be the normal channel", Romand said.

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"Certainly, I would hope we have seen the end of the back and forth".

Notley herself drew attention to the non-coincidence during her news conference: "There is, I believe, a byelection in Kelowna right now. Their passion and dedication to their craft is something we have been proud to share with our customers over the years and it hurts us to know that they are the ones being punished by this misguided decision". "But at the end of the day, that's secondary to my obligations to the people of British Columbia".

Alberta's tar sands drive the majority of Canada's carbon emission growth, and generations of governments have knowingly compromised the climate in order to expand them. "We're going to focus on the issues that matters to British Columbians and hope that cooler heads on the other side of the Rockies prevail".

If the point of the British Columbia government's continuing tantrums against bitumen pipelines is to get proponent Kinder Morgan Canada quit in frustration, it's not working.

Johnston said Averill Creek only ships into Alberta direct-to-client rather than through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

The decision was in retaliation to a B.C. government move created to stall Kinder Morgan Inc.'s $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which would bring oil to the West Coast from Alberta.

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"It is using Alberta consumers and B.C. businesses as pawns and dragging them into and pitting them against each other in a provincial trade war". "I am particularly concerned by this developing controversy within the energy sector, which has resulted in provocation and threats at the provincial level".

Anderson applauded Notley's handling of the dispute, which he says lines up with the views and frustrations of the Alberta oil and gas industry and of Albertans generally.

During question period this week, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr defended the decision to build Trans Mountain based on a sound review process, followed a few minutes later by McKenna "eviscerating the process" before she introduces the overhaul legislation, she noted.

The institute reports that 30 per cent of all the wine sold in Alberta comes from B.C. with a retail value of $160 million a year.

Trudeau refused to wade publicly into the dispute on February 7, saying talks continue behind closed doors with the provinces.

Other politicians are speaking up about the dispute. "This should not be about pitting BC businesses against Alberta businesses". Pressed as to what the prime minister might do next, the source cited Trudeau as saying last week that the dispute was still in the early stages.

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If the Supreme Court of Canada rules in favour in the Comeau case and ensures interprovincial trade of Canadian products is a constitutional right, this situation could be very different.