No, we don't need a tank parade

Posted February 09, 2018

Pentagon officials confirmed this week that they are planning a military parade later this year at Trump's direction. In response to the news, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a release that Trump had asked the Defense Department to "explore" the idea of such a parade. He now commands Hollywood Post 43 of the American Legion, and he, too, thinks a military parade may not be such a bad idea.

"We all know the president of the United States' affection for the military", Mattis said, adding that Trump's parade request reflects his respect for the military.

Kennedy responded to a report about Trump last month in which the president proposed a military parade like the one he saw in France in July. He said the two-hour parade was a "tremendous thing for France and for the spirit of France", and said he wanted one on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington that would be grander than the one he saw in Paris. "But I came back, and one of my early calls were, I think we're going to have to start looking at that ourselves". "We've been putting together some options".

The George H.W. Bush administration staged a military parade in 1991 to celebrate the end of the Gulf War, and others have been held to mark the ends of America's successful armed conflicts.

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Some lawmakers chafed at the prospective costs.

"We'll be sending those up to the White House for decision", Mattis told reporters.

"This is not about a dictatorship".

The military reportedly favors the November date to divorce the aura of the parade and its symbolism of USA military strength as much as possible from the contentious US political scene, since the parade would then fall days after congressional elections set for November 6. "The cost of shipping Abrams tanks and high-tech hardware to Washington could run in the millions, and military officials said it was unclear how they would pay for it". "They were legit thinking Red Square/North Korea-style parade", the official said, according to the Huffington Post.

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"Parades like this remind me of that old Texas saying about a braggart, saying he was 'all hat and no cattle, '" Stavridis told the network. Mussolini did military parades.

"A military parade in D.C. would shut down the nation's capital and waste taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump's ego", said Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non-voting delegate to the U.S. Congress for the District of Columbia.

Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-Louisiana), said when you're the most powerful nation on earth, you don't have to show off like Russian Federation and China.

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