Is Trump More Popular Than Obama?

Posted February 11, 2018

In addition to the message, Trump asks his supporters to take a poll rating his job performance to, "make sure the media KNOWS the American people are fully behind President Trump".

Now that the special counsel investigation has reached the front steps of the White House, following increasing allegations that the president obstructed justice by trying to yield his influence to disrupt a probe that could determine Trump's fate as president.

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47 percent disapprove of the way he has handled taxes; 45 percent approve. More Americans also credit Trump with the state of the economy than former president Barack Obama. In a December Economist survey, Mr. Trump's net approval rating stood at negative 14 percent.

Over the objections of the FBI, which cited national security concerns, the Republicans released their highly controversial "bombshell" memo that was suppose to blow holes in the Robert Mueller investigation and all but exonerate President Trump.

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Voters are divided on whether Trump is a racist: 49 percent say he is; 46 percent say he is not. Roughly a third, 35 percent, say he's been fair. Forty-four percent say there is no obstruction. Yes, the Mueller investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded, and the scurrilous attacks against the FBI and Department of Justice must end. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 3.3 percent, including the design effect. Still, 62% think the plan mostly helps the wealthy, a number almost unchanged since November.Favorable views of the Republican Party are up from 24% before tax reform passed to 32% now, though a majority of voters, 51%, still view the governing party unfavorably.This was conducted February 2-5, 2018, among 1,333 registered voters. The respondents were 24 percent Republican, 29 percent Democratic and 40 percent independent.

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