Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Posted February 14, 2018

The Reply app is from Area 120, a group at Google focused on quickly iterated experimental products that the public are able to test.

According to a test sign-up form for Reply, the feature will be available on chat apps including Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Line, and WeChat. "Alert messages" feature in which if your phone is silent and you have a prior meeting or work, your phone will give you update on that event. But the feature has not been made available to all Android Messages users as of yet. That's Smart Reply in action, and it's going to start rolling out to chat platforms in the future.

However, Reply doesn't just replicate Smart Replies.

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Additionally, Reply can determine when you're driving and reply to any texts to let people know you're behind the wheel, messages that Reply determines are more important than others (such as "Where are you?!") can still notify you even if your phone is on silent, and vacation responses will automatically be sent out if someone tries to contact you and Reply sees that you've noted on your calendar that you're taking some time off.

Pegged "Reply", the feature would use artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest one-tap responses to incoming messages.

Reply is created to work with a number of popular messaging services, including Google Hangouts and Allo, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter direct messages and Slack. For instance, users will be given the reply options "Yes", "No", or "I am here" when they receive questions such as "Are you at the restaurant?" or "When can you be home?" The smart reply will make reply easier but Google would require access to your history to identify the type of response you most probably like to give.

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The feature could launch in a variety of chat apps, including business favorite Slack.

Screenshots delivered to beta testers show Reply working on apps such as Google's own messaging client Hangouts and Android Messages. Reply will be able to silence users' phone when they are driving, and it will also inform people who send a message that the user can not chat at the moment.

Beyond automated replies, Reply is getting brand-new features that make it even more aware of certain situations.

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