Syria threatens to respond any future Israeli aggression

Posted February 14, 2018

Israel will face "more surprises" should it again attack Syrian territory, Damascus said on Tuesday, after Syria's air defences shot down an advanced Israeli warplane during the fiercest flare-up between the old foes in 36 years. "All global & regional actors interested in stabilizing the region should work together to counter Iran, prevent it from basing itself in Syria and stop its support of Hezbollah".

To understand the complexity of the Syrian quagmire, let's name the actors in the field.

Steinitz also blasted the Assad regime, calling it the "weak link in the Iranian-Shia axis".

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Meanwhile, Turkey is continuing to assault a Kurdish enclave on its border and threatening to attack another one where USA troops are present; and Syrian government and Russian forces are pounding rebel positions east of Damascus and in the northern province of Idlib, including with chemical weapons.

Netanyahu contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss the matter. The Assad regime and its Iranian supporters are afraid that Turkey aims at having a permanent presence inside Syria.

David Halbfinger, Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times, writes that the February 10 clashes were not the end of possible hostilities; they were the beginning. It appears that US advisers were working there. Both Turkey and Iran are anxious due to their Kurdish minorities, which have argued for independence in decades past. Another motivation for the Turkish military campaign is to prevent the Kurdish forces from linking the Afrin region in northwestern Syria with the Kobane district in northeast Syria.

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In September 2015, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed the hope that Israel would cease to exist in the near future. These assaults raise the possibility of another chapter to the U.S. -NATO-Israeli aggression against Syria, which has been going on for almost seven years. He has held his position for so long in part because of his ability to convince Israelis that he is best suited to lead Israel in this existential battle with Iran.

Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 war and has occupied them ever since, annexing the territory in 1981. There are now large refugee camps for Syrians in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and huge numbers of Syrians are flooding Europe, and Germany in particular. It has also has accused Iran of building precision-guided missile factories for Hezbollah in Lebanon. He has to decide whether to keep backing Syria and Iran or decrease his risks in the region. Their ostensible objective is to maintain the Assad regime in power, and make Syria Tehran's satellite. Now the Syrian regime is dependent on Iran for its survival. The failure of the Obama administration to follow up on its warning to the Assad regime over the use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs against the civilian population, has weakened the USA position in the region. As a result, Russian Federation has become the "Strong Horse" in the region. According to Channel Two, the IDF destroyed about half of Syria's air power in the counterattack. Syria claims the drone was simply on a routine mission against the Islamic State. Or, they can have negative results, and expand the conflict. Israel said it was responded to an Iranian drone infiltrating the country, shooting it down. Should the Turks use aerial bombing against YPG and in the process target American troops, it may escalate into a U.S. - Turkish confrontation.

"We do not confirm any reports coming from Israel because Israelis are liars". Responsibility for security in several towns fell to Kurdish militias controlled by already-existing political parties like the PYD, giving the region de facto autonomy.The PYD and its allies capitalized on the opportunity. All of this is occurring as the ISIS presence in Syria is fading. "We don't know yet if it's an SA-5 or SA-17, but it's a Syrian anti-aircraft missile", said an IDF spokesman.

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