17-year-old teenager slaps soldier

Posted February 15, 2018

Lasky also pointed out that multiple court hearings relating to Tamimi had already been held that included a massive media and diplomatic presence, as well as that a video of Tamimi, which is the main subject of the trial, already went viral on social media.

On Tuesday morning, Ahed Tamimi once again was brought before an Israeli military court at the Ofer Military Prison.

Speaking to RT's "Going Underground" in January, Ahed's father, Bassem Tamimi, said: "I am a father".

Referring to calls for her execution, Fitzpatrick said her extended detention was appalling.

The Israeli military judge overseeing the trial of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi has ordered all proceedings to take place behind closed doors.

She is charged with 12 offences, including assaulting security forces and incitement to violence and faces a lengthy jail term.

Lasky argued that the court is an organ of what she described as an "illegal occupation" and that the charges must therefore be thrown out.

"The court chose to close doors because they said they don't think it's good for Ahed", said defense lawyer Gaby Lasky. At the time, protests had erupted in several parts of the West Bank over President Donald Trump's recognition 10 days earlier of contested Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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The Israeli military claim the soldiers were in the area to prevent Palestinians from throwing stones at Israeli motorists.

Ahed Tamimi, 17, appeared fresh and confident as she entered the packed courtroom. The incident left him in a coma, his family said, and he had part of his skull removed.

She has been in detention since her arrest December 19, four days after she was filmed confronting the soldiers outside her West Bank home.

Other critics insist that the incident was staged by the Palestinians, with cameras at the ready, and not as spontaneous as the video wants us to believe.

On December 19, her home was raided by Israeli soldiers at night. She calls for large demonstrations as "the only way to reach results", but says Trump must bear responsibility for any Palestinian reaction, including stabbings and suicide attacks, and that "everyone needs to do something and to unite".

"While our struggles may be unique, the parallels can not be ignored", they add, noting that U.S. police, border patrol and other law enforcement "train with Israeli soldiers, police, and border agents, utilizing similar repressive profiling tactics to target and harass our communities".

Ahed's lawyer accuses the military of breaking the United Nations convention on the rights of a child during her nighttime arrest and interrogation, during which she says Ahed was threatened. He further reflected on his sister, who died after one of his remand hearings in the 1990s, "My sister died in one of these courts, we need the people and the media inside with us".

The Israeli army has yet to issue an official statement on the arrests.

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She was reportedly upset after learning that her 15-year-old cousin had been seriously injured after being shot in the head by a rubber bullet during stone-throwing clashes nearby.

Her father has rejected allegations he is exploiting his daughter for political objectives.

Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem in 1967, lands Palestinians seek for a future state. Several rounds of US -led negotiations on a partition deal have failed, and gaps have only widened between the sides.

For many Palestinians, Tamimi is a symbol of resistance. A new trial date has been scheduled for March 11.

"It is not about justice", he said. Meanwhile, Nariman Tamimi has been detained five times by Israeli forces for protest action. He also said Israel has no respect for global law and acts with impunity because of its "power". "This is a court of occupation, and Ahed was resisting occupation". Diplomats from the European Union and several European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, attended Tuesday's hearing as observers before they were kicked out along with journalists.

As stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child that Israel has ratified, minors should only be deprived of their liberty as a last resort and for the shortest possible period, indicated the special rapporteur, Michael Lynk.

Worldwide human rights groups have criticized the full-throttle prosecution of a minor.

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