Apple plans FaceTime improvements for iOS, HomeKit support for macOS

Posted February 15, 2018

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple will focus on the next two years of updates of iOS on the iPhone and iPad.

Independent reports from a few weeks ago said that Apple's software division has made a decision to focus on user experience in its next major software updates, rather than pushing out a ton of new features. In addition to prioritizing quality over quantity, so insiders say, the engineers will also have greater flexibility to push back the release of features that still need time to ideal. The company feels that keeping engineers locked on the relentless annual schedule of an update launch and trying too hard to push everything into a single update is something that it wants to shift away from. As for features in iOS 12, Do Not Disturb will be improved, Bloomberg said. In addition, it will also feature a new Digital Health tool that will allow parents to keep a tab on children spending how much time on iOS devices. After launching a series of updates that have contained bugs and undeveloped features, Apple's faced criticism from its users and developers.

Oh, and the iOS 12 update will have a redesigned, built-in Stocks app. Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to bring Animoji to the iPad, for instance.

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The change could lead to more polished software update and less bugs. iOS 11 hasn't been flawless so far, for starters, with customers having to contend with autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order, and the calculator app misbehaving.

That means a new model of the tablet should come with the Face ID camera, which is what enables Apple's Animoji feature.

After the release of the iOS 11 was plagued by performance issues, it was revealed that Apple is looking to make reliability the primary focus of the iOS 12.

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Apple (aapl) is making a big change to the way it updates its software for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, by relaxing its development schedule. The list includes a redesigned home screen for the iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay, and a revamped Photos app that can suggest what images to view.

While this update-probably called iOS 12-will bring new features such as the ability for third-party apps to run across Apple's mobile and desktop platforms, and new "Animoji" characters, some planned features will reportedly be left out.

Back to building quality Major iOS releases are highly predictable, arriving each September with a slew of new features in tow.

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Apple is definitely promising a lot with its upcoming software update.