HomePods are staining wooden tables with a white ring

Posted February 16, 2018

Interestingly, after hearing the same songs (including pop, classical, and Broadway hits) through each speaker, nobody picked the HomePod as the overall victor.

Apple's $349 smart speaker, the HomePod has a small problem for those who own wooden furniture.

Apple began selling its HomePod smart speaker last week and, between mixed reviews and a furniture staining issue, it hasn't been the company's smoothest launch.

If you just picked up Apple's flashy new HomePod speaker you might be thinking of displaying it proudly on the nicest piece of furniture you have, but before you do there's something you should know.

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Similarly, the HomePod, or more accurately Siri, has impressive chops for quickly deciphering which Apple device you're speaking to and responding correctly, most every time.

Multiple reports on Twitter and from outlets, including Wirecutter and Pocket-Lint, claim that when left on a wooden object, a HomePod can leave behind potentially permanent white rings.

"It excels as a high-quality smart speaker for listening to Apple Music, but trails behind Amazon and Google when it comes to voice control", we wrote.

We subsequently tested the HomePod on other materials: "the same wood that hadn't been treated with Danish oil and a regular lacquered desk and haven't seen the same issues".

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Users of the HomePod have confirmed that the device leaves an unusual white stain on the wood on which it is placed.

Apple says that these rings are a result of the oils diffused between the speaker's vibration-dampening silicone base and the wood.

Some joked that Apple should instruct users to put a coaster under their HomePod, with one quipping that "ten 'HomePod Coaster" start ups were formed in the past two hours'.

Apple has a long-standing reputation for embedding moments of design cleverness and even delight into its products, and the HomePod offers both, from setup to sound quality. The company further added that the marks will dissipate "after several days" once the HomePod has been moved if the marks persist then wiping the surface will suffice. However, if the damage does not disappear, Apple suggested that customers should either clean the furniture with the "suggested oiling method" of the manufacturer or to have the furniture refinished.

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