No cost flu shots to be offered while supplies last

Posted February 17, 2018

No pediatric deaths from influenza-related illness were reported in Wichita County in the reviewed period.

Health Departments across the state of Tennessee will offer flu shots Friday free of charge.

Kreidler says they are starting to see a new wave of people that have contracted strain B of the flu.

A total of 165 people have died as a result of the virus since the flu season began October 1.

The Rhea County Health Department clinic is now offering flu vaccinations at no cost to patients until vaccine supplies are depleted. Welch says despite some claims to the contrary, getting the flu shot is still a great idea.

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The flu epidemic is filling hospitals with sniffling, aching people. Anyone who hasn't received the flu vaccine is encouraged to attend.

"Overall, the data is showing what you would expect during a dominant year", Swift said.

Health officials are still encouraging people to get vaccinated. They said vaccinations reduce the risk of the flu spreading even if they aren't 100 percent effective.

In an interview with The University Star, Hays County Epidemiologists Ian Harris and Eric Schneider said that Texas was one of the first states to be hit with the H3N2 strain and continue to report high numbers of cases.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services reported Friday there were 1,023 new lab-confirmed cases of the flu from February 4-10, up from 660 cases the previous week.

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Still haven't gotten your flu shot?

At A.G. Rhodes, extra steps are taken to keep germs from spreading by someone visiting a resident who has the flu or other contagious illness.

Health officials also recommend preventing the spread of germs by frequently washing your hands, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cough, and avoiding public places when you're sick.

"When teachers started having to stay home also, it was apparent there was a problem", Levengood said.

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