Here's when PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds' third map releases

Posted February 22, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a new season and a new map next month, but cosmetics fiends may be more interested in the other cool new addition to the game.

The blog post also clarified that development of some new features have been delayed due to focusing the team on anti-cheat efforts.

The Militia crate is basically exactly what you think it is, serving up some military clothing realness like the "Miramar frontiersman" outfit and the "Erangel resistance force" outfit.

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The "FEVER" crate will have "a strong feeling of spring" and can be purchased with BP and unlocked with Early Bird keys.

The new items will be available to view on the test server later today, one day prior to the official release on Feb 22.

What are you hoping for with the new map? It was initially unveiled a year ago and will based around an area around the Adriatic Sea. PUBG Corp also say that matchmaking will now be divided depending on ping, meaning users with lower pings will be prioritised during matchmaking.

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There has been a lot of debate surrounding PUBG's anti-cheat measures and while third-party help from BattlEye has amounted to over 1 million cheaters being permanently booted from the game in January alone, there's nothing stopping them from buying another account.

In a post on the game's Steam page, the team said that it was planning on rolling out an update to introduce a maximum ping limit, thus improving the game for players. This should split the match pool for the game rather than outright restricting connections based exclusively on ping.

"Your enjoyment of PUBG remains our number one priority", said PUBG Corp. The first tests of the new method will take place next week.

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On the plus side, the developer is working on a new map, which is expected to launch this summer. "Specific dates will be shared when ready".