'Black Panther' Is Breaking An Insane Amount Of Box Office Records

Posted February 23, 2018

Series writer Ta'Nehisi Coates will remain with the series and will be joined by artist Daniel Acuña, who recently illustrated a story in Black Panther Annual #1. He also wrestles with a duality that shows up throughout the story: traditionalism versus modernism. I'm proud to be a young black girl doing this, but also as much as this is for young black women to be inspired, (it's for) all women of all ethnicities, of all races to be inspired. He goes on to say that he wanted it to feel like a "fresh storyline", and that "it's meaty, it's different, and it's ideal for new readers just coming to the world of T'Challa and Black Panther".

But this movie isn't just great because of what it's able to prove moneywise. Black Panther's cast, crew and diverse audience just propelled it into the history books and to the box office crown, and it is most definitely good to be king.

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The Hollywood Reporter adds that the film was enjoyed by a particularly diverse group of movie-goers. The Afrocentric movie touches on ideas of colonialism and the reverberations of slavery. What I can say is that it does get very political, addressing centuries of slavery and modern race relations. Now, some newly released concept art has surfaced which shows that she was very almost an even bigger bad ass. "Some kids probably couldn't afford it, so I thank him".

"Black Panther" is set in the mythical kingdom of Wakanda, which is rich with the miracle metal vibranium and is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. With each passing today, new reports arrive of critical and financial milestones for the latest Marvel movie, suggesting that T'Challa and director Ryan Coogler will remain a key part of the MCU moving forward.

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The film has prompted other celebrities as well as educators, philanthropists, and business owners to pull together their resources to bring children of color to see it. Still, the top earners for the weekday prove that Disney is still the top dog at the box office. "Black Panther #1 is a creative challenge for me". Guess I may have imagined them and this film is really groundbreaking.

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