Conservative Twitter is freaking out over a reported bot purge

Posted February 23, 2018

However, Twitter did announce that it would no longer allow users to put up identical posts on multiple accounts, or perform functions like retweeting or "liking" simultaneously on more than one account. Instead, real users were also burned by Twitter, they argue.

With these changes, it will be very hard for "influencers" who often used this method to trend topics on Twitter and subsequently earn from social media marketing. Alerts can be cross-posted from other services (such as RSS readers), but only to a single account.

Twitter last month said the number of Russia-linked accounts firing off tweets evidently aimed at the United States election in 2016 was more widespread than initially determined.

The rules will come into force on March 23, and any developers who don't update their apps in time risk having both their apps and accounts suspended.

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These actions have been identified as tactics used by malicious users to help promote spam and fake news ahead of key elections across multiple social media platforms.

On Wednesday, #TwitterLockOut was trending on Twitter as many right-wing pundits, supporters of President Donald Trump and conservative influencers argued they're being targeted by the site.

The new changes are an effort to eliminate spam from Twitter. A number of conservative and far-right users of the site said they had lost up to thousands of followers on Tuesday evening. This comes after thousands of Twitter accounts were overnight disabled over "suspicious account behaviours" and policy violations.

Twitter has always had anti-spam rules, but its new guidelines clarify what is and isn't allowed on the website.

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In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, Twitter responded that its "tools are apolitical" and that it periodically culls accounts suspected of being fake.

Her Twitter account, @ThankUGOD4Trump, still has a warning that it's temporarily restricted for "unusual activity", as you can see in the screenshot below.

There have also been pleas for Twitter to provide more detail about its efforts.

"If I control a whole bunch of accounts, forcing me to confirm with the phone can create a significant challenge because sometimes these accounts are created with throwaway numbers", he said.

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Twitter has kicked off a clean-up exercise that is aimed at ensuring that users have followers that are "actually humans".