Former Under Armour president accused of sexual misconduct

Posted February 23, 2018

"Pittman's overt social and religious leanings have a chilling effect on the willingness to approach him with sensitive workplace issues, say some former Mavericks employees, both male and female". Under Armour said Ussery left in an "organizational reshuffle", but the report says Ussery behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner toward a female employee while the two rode in an elevator. "The Mavericks conducted an internal investigation of Ussery after several female employees made complaints of inappropriate workplace behavior", SI reported. Ussery's contract was renewed.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $600,000 for "public statements detrimental to the National Basketball Association", the league announced Wednesday, following Cuban's comments about tanking to improve draft position.

The organization released a statement Tuesday night.

"During my almost 20-year tenure with the Mavericks, I am not aware of any sexual harassment complaints about me or any findings by the organization that I engaged in inappropriate conduct".

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You can read the full Sports Illustrated report here.

"I want to deal with this issue", Cuban told Sports Illustrated. As the woman recalls the exchange, Ussery claimed that he knew what she was going to do over the coming weekend.

SI interviewed more than a dozen current and former employees in the organization and found that Ussery was not the only problem.

Domestic assault by former reporter Earl K. Sneed.

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According to SI, Sneed pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of family violence assault following an incident with a girlfriend in 2012.

Tanking, which has become fashionable for many teams in recent seasons, is a touchy subject for Adam Silver, the NBA's commissioner, who has been working to maintain the league's competitive nature. I was disgusted when I read the article, obviously, as everybody was. He gets updates, so it is beyond me to the fact that he didn't know this was happening. "We took this very seriously".

"The Mavericks have only learned of the scope of these complaints in the past days", the statement says. He later deleted the tweet and his account. His Instagram account was still active. "Trust me, Mark knows everything that goes on", one longtime former Mavericks employee said. I looked at this as a one-off situation where, OK, if I don't do anything, this person could go out there and do damage on another women another time. This was, like, a year-and-a-half tanking, and that was too brutal for me.

"I deferred to the CEO, who at the time was Terdema, and to HR". Shortly after being hired as the beat writer in 2010, Sneed was arrested for a domestic violence incident in which, according to a Dallas police report, he "sat on top of" a woman and "slapped her on the face and chest" while telling her, "I'm going to f-- kick your ass". He's been allowed to take the lead in setting up the independent investigation, but the league office will keep close tabs and have access to all facets of it.

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