Police Officer Dies Following Clashes Between Athletic And Spartak Moscow Fans

Posted February 26, 2018

The incident late on February 22 raised concerns less than four months before Russian Federation is set to host the World Cup.

"This is pure exaggeration against Russia and the Russian people, but they have always been talking about it", he concluded, adding that after the game he and other fans had to wait in the stadium because police said they couldn't guarantee their security. According to Spanish news agency EFE, the officer fell the ground without being struck and his colleagues immediatekly began trying to resusitate him. Local media said he was a 50-year-old man.

He added that an autopsy would have to be performed before they were in a position to comment on the cause of death. The mayor of Bilbao has asked UEFA to investigate the incident and take punitive measures, after the union "strongly condemned" the violence.

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Inocencio Alonso Garcia, 51, collapsed when a nearby Russian ultra threw a flare, the Royal Spanish Football Federation said in a statement.

"The Russian ultras shouldn't have traveled to Bilbao due to their history", Javier Tebas told the sports daily As.

French authorities had for months been seeking the suspect, who along with several other Russian hooligans, is accused of attacking England fan Andrew Bache ahead of the Russia-England match in Marseille.

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Police in riot gear tried to fight off hundreds of fans outside the San Mames Stadium when a group of Spartak fans reportedly started throwing flares and objects toward Athletic supporters and officers.

In scary footage which has emerged online, the two sets of fans can be seen aiming fireworks at one another.

Around 600 police officers and 200 private security guards were deployed by Spanish authorities, in partnership with the football club, tonight in one of the largest ever security deployments in Bilbao.

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For instance, sports daily Marca claimed "there are radical groups among Russian soccer fans and some of the members had previously participated in violent clashes in other European cities".