Blizzard Teases Diablo III for Switch

Posted March 04, 2018

Former director of production at Capcom and PlayStation executive Adam Boyes has asked Monster Hunter World publisher Capcom to let his new team port the game to the Nintendo Switch.

This may well be a video of a night light, but its generated a lot of hype with the assumption being that Diablo III will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Still, that isn't to say that a Diablo game won't make its way to the Switch at some point. Well, we all know what happens when you assume things. In an interview last month with IGN, Blizzard co-founder and Diablo creator David Breviki said getting older games to modern screens requires a massive feat of engineering.

"We can assure you we're not that clever", a spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said via email. Blizzard reached out to Polygon via phone call denying the recent buzz, but leaving it suspiciously open ended with an "we have nothing to announce". For instance, since Diablo II rendered its enemies right off screen, the high-resolution, large monitors popular among gamers nowadays wouldn't work. Since then, Jeff Kaplan has discussed the possibility of Overwatch on the Switch, but it looks like Diablo III will be the first game to get there.

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That's certainly disappointing, because if there is a franchise that is a flawless fit for the Switch, it's Diablo.

In related news, David Brevik, the original Diablo designer, recently revealed that Diablo 3 would have been much more Diablo II-looking if Blizzard North had developed the game.

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