Uber launches new service for low-priced transport for patients

Posted March 04, 2018

Uber said it hopes Uber Health will alleviate the matter of 3.6 million Americans missing their appointments each year due to inadequate transportation.

To rectify the situation, Uber has partnered with numerous healthcare organizations to allow medical professionals to schedule rides for their patients.

"Uber doesn't really offer that yet", says Needham.

Holley told Newsweek that a majority of the rides ordered on Uber Health request an UberX vehicle for patients.

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Over 100 healthcare organizations in the U.S, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, senior care facilities, home care centers, and physical therapy centers have started using Uber Health in a beta test of the new system.

Uber is fighting transportation barriers to healthcare by teaming up with healthcare organizations to provide patients with reliable transportation to and from appointments, the company announced Thursday.

Health insurers and others have long recognized the need to help some patients, especially those with low incomes, make their medical appointments. In those cases, trip details would be confirmed with the user through a simple text message or phone call to a regular mobile phone or landline. As part of the agreement, Uber must hire a firm to audit its privacy practices every two years over the next 20 years.

In addition to cutting into the cost of the standard ride, Uber's program will also aim to cut back on the number of people who have their healthcare access limited by a lack of transportation.

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Uber says it's a way to help provide reliable, comfortable transportation for those needing medical assistance.

Uber isn't the first major tech company to break into the healthcare space, which the World Economic Forum values at $6.5 trillion worldwide. Jay Holley, head of Partnerships at Uber Health, said it's up to the doctors and providers to understand a person's physical state to know if an Uber auto is the best form of transportation for them.

Additionally, the startup has developed an Uber Health API that allows the service to be integrated into existing products. That work, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine last month calls into question whether simply expanding the availability of rideshare services will solve the underlying problem. As you can imagine, it's fairly expensive from an operational level if a hospital has a bunch of appointments scheduled and then people don't show up for them.

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