Jared Goff gave Josh Rosen advice on napping at the National Football League combine

Posted March 05, 2018

If, in two months' time, the Broncos spend the fifth-overall pick on a quarterback, the questions will begin nearly immediately. He's also not afraid to remind you.

That fourth-round wide receiver was a player named Robbie Martin and he was also released before the season began as well. The energy I bring, the passion I bring, it's infectious. "As soon as I get drafted, I'm [going] to dive into that playbook and start moving forward".

On Saturday morning, a little after 11 a.m., a gasp went around Lucas Oil Stadium.

There are some however, who misinterpret it as cockiness.

"I think that there's kind of a misconception with the whole thing", he said.

But the Jets - who hold the No. 6 overall selection - are in no position to dismiss a quarterback with a touchdown-interception ratio of 43-6 just because he thinks he's da bomb. I'm always trying to improve.

"No. I've been fat my whole life", he said.

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As for the other Josh, "I think Josh Rosen (of UCLA) is the most natural thrower of the group and maybe go back to Sam Bradford before I see a quarterback that throws it as well as he does, as naturally as he does", Mayock said.

Mayfield understands he can't make everyone happy, and he realizes that some of his relatively minor off the field transgressions will need to be addressed in formal interviews with National Football League clubs.

Allen played against lesser competition at Wyoming and didn't exactly dominate at that level, or shine when the Cowboys played against the likes of Nebraska, Iowa and Oregon. I've always been brutally honest and some people don't like that because it's rare now days.

"You got to see where that's coming from", said Jackson regarding USC QB Sam Darnold, who fumbled 21 times in his 27 college games. And they said so with conviction. "I'm going to support my starter through everything". So as soon as I heard I was at 16, I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm going for 20.' I was like, 'I'm going to change my fitness regimen, I've got to grind this out right here.' It felt wonderful to reach that goal.

The point he hopes to get across: that he does indeed love the game. "We're nearly halfway there now and we got some more work to do".

"Height doesn't matter", Mayfield insisted.

"That's why I'm excited to be here".

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On what teams are asking him about: "Teams ask me about my character, but until you sit down and talk to me directly, you might have image that's portrayed in stories or headlines". But I think I'm ready as I can be. Plus, he is considered a natural leader, someone his teammates rally around and believe in with more of a California cool persona than Rosen. "I think he makes the most sense". "It takes time and you have to build relationships and you have to treat each individual, individually". Some guys respond to encouragement or inspiration. Players get what in many cases is the most comprehensive physical they've ever had during the combine, including an echocardiogram. You have to own your mistakes.

"It's not about me, it's about the team".

Personally, I'm really not sure how much it says about a player's competitiveness to throw in this context.

It was a big day of media interviews, including quarterbacks, at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Mayfield has the most to gain or lose here. To all appearances, they will come across as talented and confident.

"You want people who fit our culture", said GM Brandon Beane. Work hard, leadership is so important.

Elway, the Broncos' general manager, has said he will consider all options in addressing his desire to upgrade the team's quarterback position. "I wonder in his heart of hearts if he missed competing today because the other guys went out and ripped it pretty good". "If they don't, generally their teams don't make it". Just ask one of them. But the prospects seem to have a good grasp of that dynamic. They have a lot of good questions.

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