People are being encouraged to report leaks as big thaw continues

Posted March 06, 2018

Thousands of properties in London, Wales, Kent and Sussex have been left without water after the change in temperature caused pipes to crack and water mains to burst.

The recent bout of extreme weather across the United Kingdom has resulted in burst pipes, damage to water infrastructure and widespread outages.

Water companies must give 48 hours notice for planned outages of more than four hours.

Can affected customers claim compensation from their water supplier?

Taking short showers rather than baths, being careful to turn taps off and only running washing machines and dishwashers with a full load "will make a real difference", the statement said.

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The firms said they were putting as much extra water as they could into local networks and were fixing leaks and bursts as quickly as possible.

Tens of thousands in London were left without water or with low water pressure over the weekend as utility firms worked to fix leaking pipes.

Severn Trent Water are dealing with numerous leaks discovered as snow and ice receded today (Sunday 4th March).

The water supply problems, triggered by last week's extreme weather, have led to school closures and emergency water distribution in parts of London.

An appeal has gone out from South East Water for people to help find leaks both inside their homes, on business premises and out in streets and fields.

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Steve said: "We are asking people to look in their attics, airing cupboards, under their sinks and to check the taps out in their gardens to see if they have got any unnoticed leaks which could be a trickle at the moment but later will cause major damage".

"Demand for water this morning was lower than expected and we're very grateful to everyone who cut back to help others".

Earlier Thames Water issued a warning about burst pipes after the recent freezing temperatures followed by a rapid thaw.

A number of water handout points have been set up in London to provide the worst affected people with fresh water.

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