Oculus Rift headsets hit with 'runtime service' error

Posted March 08, 2018

Many users around the world discovered today that their headsets are having trouble running software, which kind of defeats the entire goal of owning a VR headset in the first place. The file in question is called OculusAppFramework.dll and this will need updating in order for the software, and headset to work again.

For now, there's no timeline on a fix, but Oculus says it will update that support thread as it learns more.

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It's been a rough day for Oculus Rift owners. Oculus acknowledged the issue on Twitter and said it is working to fix the problem.

There has been speculation that the error was caused by the company failing to update a security certificate. This problem seems to be affecting most, if not all, users of the device. Apparently, the system software couldn't "reach Oculus Runtime Service", per error messages being posted to the Oculus forums, and spotted by Polygon. This issue is a bummer to gamers that aren't going to get to play the titles they've purchased until the issue is resolved, but it's a much less forgivable issue for commercial users who use the headset.

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Oculus hasn't given us a direct reason for this problem yet, but VR Focus reports that users and developers may have figured it out. Some users have even resorted to changing the Windows 10 clock to before the certificate's date of expiration, although this temporary workaround could cause issues with Windows Update Service and is NOT recommended.

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