Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

Posted March 08, 2018

One girl saw Black Panther and broke her retainer in half when Michale B. Jordan took his shirt off in the film.

The fan, Sophia Robb, later visited her orthodontist and told him why her retainer was broken, which resulted in the medical professional posting about the anecdote on Tumblr.

Sophia told Teen Vogue that she thought the Tumblr post made by her orthodontist was "hilarious".

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The orthodontist of 18-year-old Sophia Robb took to Tumblr where he revealed his young patient snapped her retainer after watching MJB play the rebellious Killmonger in the hit Marvel film.

"Since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers let me know if I can replace them", Jordan, 31, posted to Twitter, along with a laughing emoji. "I'm going to kill myself", Robb tweeted on Monday.

The tweet happened to come across Robb's timeline, who immediately recognized the story. Sophia has already started considering what she would do if the actor does reply. Obviously flattered (and maybe slightly intimidated over the superhuman strength that Robb is apparently only just realizing she has) Jordan followed Robb back on Twitter and even offered to help her out with her...unique and unexpected orthodontic expenses.

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Her response to the original tweet has since gone viral, with some on social media declaring it the "funniest thing" and naming Sophia "Today's Internet victor".

For those anxious about the plight of the retainer itself, her orthodontist managed to glue it back together. She said the reactions have been "overwhelming".

Later she shared the story with Buzzfeed.

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The power of Michael B. Jordan knows no limits.