Pokemon Go-style Jurassic World app game coming this summer

Posted March 09, 2018

Jurassic World Alive will come to iOS and Android, but no release date has been confirmed.

The game will utilize the latest AR technology allowing players, among other things, to pose and take pictures and videos with dinosaurs they've collected during gameplay.

Since Michael Crichton first opened the gates to those unsafe dinos with his Jurassic Park novel, there has been a whole movie franchise, more merchandise that you shake a raptor claw at, comic books, and many video games of varying success. It is also a location-based game, albeit one where players will find virtual dinosaurs roaming around the virtual landscape instead of Pokemon. The creatures can be leveled up once captured, and you can battle your T-Rex or velociraptor against other players. Its release will be very close to the new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which will debut on June 22.

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Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, and The Walking Dead all have AR games similar to this one in various stages of development, and they're all chasing the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go. You can pre-register for the game on its official site to get updates about its release. I'm guessing a large part of Pokemon Go's success was because it was the first game of its kind to hit the mainstream.

While you might write it off as just another mobile game rip-off, there are some pretty tempting differences.

The use of augmented reality features should only continue as Apple continues to invest in its platform-level ARKit resources for developers.

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A teaser was recently released giving us a brief glance at the new Jurassic World AR app coming to phones this spring.

Ludia is the ideal company to develop a Jurassic game for iOS and Android. They can then use this DNA to unlock that particular type of dinosaur or create their own hybrid, just like the mad scientists did in the Jurassic World movie.

Speaking to Mashable, Universal Executive Vice President of Games Chris Heatherly says that "there's definitely that element of discovery, but we wanted to make it a little more flexible and also give you something to do at home".

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