Google's Waymo To Face Off With Tesla In Autonomous Trucks

Posted March 10, 2018

"Atlanta is one of the biggest logistics hubs in the country, making it a natural home for Google's logistical operations and the ideal environment for our next phase of testing Waymo's self-driving trucks", wrote Waymo in a blog posting announcing the endeavor.

The pilot program will involve several semi-trucks that will be tasked with shipping cargo to Google's network of data centers.

While Waymo is starting a new pilot program for self-driving truck technology, it's definitely isn't the only company doing so.

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The company's statement explained that the software behind its self-driving passenger vehicles was adapted to allow its big rigs to operate without a driver. If you live in Atlanta and see one of Waymo's big blue trucks, then, you can rest assured that it isn't operating completely autonomously yet. "The principles are the same, but things like braking, turning, and blind spots are different with a fully-loaded truck and trailer".

Today's announcement comes a couple of weeks after Waymo announced its self-driving cars had covered 5 million miles on public roads.

Waymo has been testing autonomous cars in the wild for some time and has also revealed plans for a self-driving ride-hailing service and unveiled a self-driving minivan.

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Waymo hasn't provided much detail about its driverless truck tech, but there's reason to believe it may be more advanced than what its competitors have developed so far.

Waymo says it uses the same technology for its trucks, so it's a good guess that the company is aiming to achieve the same level of autonomy for its trucking fleet.

Waymo's self-driving trucks will start rolling out next week.

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