This 3D Printed Small Concrete House Costs Just $10000

Posted March 14, 2018

ICON has banded together with a charitable lodging establishment New Story to take its innovation to the creating scene.

As The Verge reported, startup ICON has built an affordable 3D printer that can print out the components of a small house in only 12 to 24 hours.

New Story is also involved in urban planning, and can build homes around schools, play areas and employment opportunities.

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Even though the machinery used in 3D-printing is quite costly, however, the materials can be low-priced.

The current plan is to build 100 homes in El Salvador next year.

"(ICON) believes, as do I, that 3D printing is going to be a method for all kinds of housing", New Story co-founder Alexandria Lafci said. ICON is focused on creating homes in parts of the world that don't have the economic wherewithal to house the poverty-stricken. On the outside, it doesn't look like anything particularly special, although the covered patio and spacious windows are less common on tiny poured-concrete buildings.

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New Story is seeking up to a million in funding: $400,000 in pre-funding the "first community of 100 printed homes", and $600,000 to cover the next phase of construction.

See the 3D printed home in the video above. Vulcan's technology is a flawless match for ICON's vision as it was created to work in the worst of circumstances and places where things like potable water and technical assistance are lacking. ICON and New Story worked in close partnership with several other organizations to develop the Vulcan printer including Pump Studios, Yaskawa Electric, Alchemy Builders, TreeHouse, Andrew Logan Architecture, Linestar Automation and The University of Texas.

Now we can print virtually everything with 3D printers, although they do not all have social and humanitarian criteria in mind. One of its founders, Jason Ballard, will be testing out the home by living in it. For this venture to succeed, they have to be the best houses... New Story has already built homes for communities in Bolivia and Haiti.

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As we've seen in cases both inside and outside of the construction sector, 3D printing offers many benefits other than just being very quick. It will reduce labor costs and create minimal waste. In homes, at the moment small 3D printers can be used to create toys for children. Through their proprietary 3D printing technology and cutting-edge materials, ICON provides sustainable solutions to a number of our world's most pressing issues, including the pandemic of homelessness in the developing world, the difficulty of constructing off-planet space habitats, and the exorbitant cost of customized housing.