WhatsApp co-founder joins the protest against Facebook data leak

Posted March 22, 2018

These issues with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, is a huge deal, especially considering the possible influence it has had on the USA elections. So, without raising any suspense the reason is here, as lots of social media networking site users have been violated against the Facebook policies. UK's Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham earlier said she would be applying to the court for a warrant to search the offices of Cambridge Analytica, the UK-based political consulting firm accused of using the data of 50 million Facebook members to influence the 2016 United States presidential election.

Brian Acton said in a tweet "It is time", followed by the hashtag #deletefacebook - seemingly a direct response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has engulfed Facebook.

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Notably, Acton and his co-founder Jan Koum had sold WhatsApp to Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in 2014. The company has misused user data taken from Facebook via a third party which was believed to be used for research purposes.

After parting ways with WhatsApp, he became a member of the nonprofit Signal Foundation which is in charge of the app Signal's encryption. At the time, Acton kept his job and got $3 billion from the transaction.

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Interestingly, it has also emerged that private information of hundreds of millions of Facebook users could have been similarly harvested by companies that exploited the same terms.

But Facebook noted that some data such as posts on friends' timelines might remain in the system even after an account is deleted. However, Facebook has been summoned by federal agencies from both the USA and the United Kingdom for an explanation to the whole episode. "We take any allegations of violations of our consent decrees very seriously, as we did in 2012 in a privacy case involving Google", they added, as cited by Cnet.

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The letter has come as the UK's Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said she would be applying to the court for a warrant to search the offices of the UK-based political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.