IOS Bug Workaround: How To Prevent Siri From Reading Out Hidden Notifications

Posted March 24, 2018

The bug does not affect Apple's Messages app, but for third party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram, Siri will read out these notifications on your lockscreen, even if your privacy settings for "Show Previews" is set to display only "When Unlocked" (Settings Notifications Show Previews).

Apple users on iOS 11 can set message notifications to be hidden on the lock screen, where the user is alerted that a notification from an app has arrived, but its contents are not revealed unless the device is unlocked. According to the report, the bug works on third-party email apps, Facebook Messenger and even Slack. The update might come in iOS 11.3, now still in beta, or possibly in iOS 11.2.7 if Apple releases a minor update.

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Credit: Tom's GuideThe folks over at Brazilian website Mac Magazine have discovered a bug in Siri that will allow anyone to request the virtual personal assistant read hidden messages aloud. As of now, you can fix this issue by disabling Siri while your iOS device is locked.

This will hide the content of your notifications on the lock screen.

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It goes without saying that the bug is pretty serious and leaves messages you think are hidden behind a wall of security completely exposed to anyone who wants access to them. As for now, share your views regarding the Siri bug in the comments section below. The company said in a statement that "We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update". There is a toggle there that reads "Allow Siri When Locked".

So far there is no sighting of this fix in the current beta of iOS 11.3.

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