Trump asks Saudi crown prince to share wealth through investments

Posted March 25, 2018

TRT World's Tetiana Anderson reports.

But as they talked, United States senators debated a resolution seeking an end to Washington's support for Riyadh's campaign in Yemen's civil war.

Tuesday's vote could have made things uncomfortable for Trump if it went the other way.

However, the vote served to highlight USA intervention in an escalating military conflict in the Middle East's poorest country, which the United Nations has described as the world's largest humanitarian disaster. The conflict has led USA lawmakers to propose a cutoff in support for a Saudi-led bombing campaign that has killed thousands.

When the crown prince visited London earlier this month, Saudi Arabia and Britain signed a letter of intent to finalise talks on a multi-billion-pound order for 48 Typhoon fighter jets.

Imad Harb, Director of research for the Arab Center in Washington has more. "We really have a great friendship, a great relationship".

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The crown prince said Saudi Arabia has chose to double its investment in USA businesses to $400 billion in just one year.

"The laws are very clear and stipulated in the laws of sharia (Islamic law): that women wear decent, respectful clothing, like men", he said in an interview on CBS television.

Bin Salman's visit comes after his self-promoting campaign at home, which saw hundreds of royals and businessmen detained and tortured. While it is likely that Prince Mohammed could independently learn who were his critics, he may have wanted to let it be known that Kushner shared that information with him in order to show his close relationship with the United States, the unnamed USA official said. He said a ten year window for implementing the deal was under way.

Although U.S. provision of arms and logistics support for the war in Yemen might be good in the short run for U.S. -Saudi relations, Askari said, it could became a "headache" for the West if civilian deaths in Yemen can be traced back to American-made munitions. He plans to travel to New York, Boston, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Houston. "Saudi Arabia has been working very hard on that", Trump added.

Trump's support in May of an economic blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the UAE over the objections of then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has raised questions about a possible conflict of interest for Kushner.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in Washington for official talks at the White House on his first visit to the USA, which observers say is mainly meant to consolidate his grip on power at home and push for an ambitious nuclear deal.

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"The Iran deal is coming up soon and you will see what will happen", Trump told reporters.

"But Iran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately".

At the White House, Trump repeated his description of the Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by Obama, as the "worst deal ever".

"And, as you know, Mr. President, from day one you've reached this office, we've planned to tackle $200bn for opportunities in the next four years, but it end up with $400bn for opportunities", MBS said.

During his week-long stay in Washington, bin Salman will reportedly hold talks with senior administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, and Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

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