Missing Model Adea Shabani's Body Found in Shallow Grave in North California

Posted March 29, 2018

Sheriff's officials in Northern California investigating the disappearance of 25-year-old Hollywood actress Adea Shabani said they've unearthed what appear to be the remains of an adult female at a location northeast of Sacramento on Tuesday. After she was reported missing, authorities said Spotz released a statement saying he traveled with Shabani to Northern California.

On Monday, police combing the banks of a creek found the shallow grave.

The remains had not yet been identified but were sent to be autopsied.

She was last seen leaving her Hollywood apartment with 33-year-old Chris Spotz, on February 23.

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"We can not say that conclusively at this point in time because the condition of the remains prohibited positive identification", he continued, adding that they believed Shabani's boyfriend, Christopher Spotz, was "somehow involved in her death". They now believe that Spotz had something to do with her death. "Adea Shabani", a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told reporters during a press conference on Tuesday.

Spotz killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot on March 22 during a police pursuit. After trying to stop him, he fled and a chase ensued.

Last Thursday night, a North Hollywood man authorities suspect was involved in Shabani's disappearance fatally shot himself during a law enforcement chase from Hesperia to the Corona area.

Spotz was an aspiring actor too. The 25-year-old Shabani was last seen about 11 a.m. February 23 near the 1700 block of Wilcox Avenue, between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue, not far from her Los Angeles home, police said. Though he had an intimate relationship with Shabani, he was engaged to another person.

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While police were unable to make an immediate identification of the body found, they stated that an autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday to determine the victim's identity and cause and manner of death.

"A search of that area uncovered what is believed to be a shallow grave", Bringolf said.

Hayes said a lawyer for Spotz previously told investigators that the pair got into an argument on the same day while driving through Santa Clarita, reported NY Daily News. He had returned to California after spending time with his fiancee in Colorado in early March.

Police then made a decision to placed a want on Spotz's vehicle - a 2015 Toyota Tacoma truck - in order to conduct further investigations.

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